Trigen Labs. Partnered Globally, Focused Locally.


As a vertically integrated generic pharmaceutical business, we are able to support all facets of generic drug development and commercialization.

Product Development & Regulatory Guidance

Leveraging the strengths of our own internal development capabilities, Trigen also partners with leading global development partners in an effort to expand our portfolio of generic products.

Supply Chain Management

The key to succeeding in the generic pharmaceutical marketplace is a strong supply chain management and operational efficiency.

Trigen works to ensure all activities, from sourcing through manufacturing and commercialization, are planned and executed in a timely manner-with the goal of consistent and reliable supply of quality generic products.


Trigen believes that quality is the backbone of producing any product. We take great pride in our approach to ensure our products meet, or exceed, the quality requirements expected.

Sales & Marketing

As a fully integrated commercial organization, Trigen maintains the full suite of capabilities, from sales and marketing through distribution. We work diligently with our partners and customers to ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients.

    Trigen Laboratories

    Trigen Laboratories is a generic healthcare company. We offer generic solutions for dietary supplements, drugs, medical devices, and more.

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