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About us

Trigen Laboratories was formed in 2003 as a privately held company committed to make significant strides in the U.S. generic pharmaceutical market. Today we promote over 70 products, with numerous others across varying stages of development.

Our goal is to bring value-driven generic products to our customers. We work vigorously with our internal team and external partners to identify and develop products in an effort to provide access to quality, affordable products for our patients and customers. We partner with leading retailers and wholesalers to ensure our products are available to meet the needs of patients.

Our team has the necessary experience to ensure Trigen continues to be a leader across the continuum of the generic pharmaceutical industry.

In 2016, Trigen Laboratories became a subsidiary of Osmotica Pharmaceutical. For information on Osmotica, visit

    Trigen Laboratories

    Trigen Laboratories is a generic healthcare company. We offer generic solutions for dietary supplements, drugs, medical devices, and more.

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